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How to sail oceans, Gaffer videos
I've got a recommendation for some videos that are enlightening about sailing a gaffer.  The utube channel is called How to sail oceans.  The guy who produces the vids on this channel is a solo sailor who has circumnavigated on his 31 foot, engineless gaffer and now is settled down to voyaging from the east coast down to the carribean every year.  He has a very clearheaded attitude and understanding of the benefits and drawbacks of gaffers and I like the way he handles his boat.  Check him out.  I have gotten a good bit from him.

Hey Al, have you heard of a book called "hand, reef and steer" by Tom Cunliffe? If not, check it out. It's pretty good too.
Yes, that is one of the books that I have intended to add to  my library and just haven't remembered to.  I should get more methodical in building my library. 


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