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boat design

Heading back home from overseas soon and am about to build the Bulls Eye sailboat. Well sitting here with not much better to do, perused the cruiser designs. I've sorta always wanted a big boat, even did some uneducated designs in college way back 20 years ago. Man, getting old. Anyway, I like the Coronado size and trailorable is pretty much a requirement. Problem is, my personal desire is two diesel inboards but that particular boat doesn't seem to allow for that. How flexible are these plans? Noticed it can be upsized to 28 feet, that's good. That's what I'd like to have, a 28 footer cabin with nice cockpit area and twin 100 hp or so diesels. My wife's gonna have a cow...... Maybe construction of the Bulls Eye will cure me of my insane notion

Please help.

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