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Top quality, serious ocean going sails for a gaff schooner made by Dave Bierig of Erie, Pennsylvania, well known for making sails for tall ships including the brig Niagara. Nine ounce Contender, triple stitched and heavily reinforced. The main, foresail and forestaysail have battened leeches. High peaked main. These are sails built for going around the world the hard way and standing up to anything. They were put on the boat in 2001 and have been kept scrupulously covered. They are in flawless condition aside from a bit of minor staining and have many, many more miles and years in them. None of the sails has ever required a repair, not so much as a single stitch.

I am converting to Chinese rig to save my bad back. These sails are coming off a steel Colvin schooner 41’ on deck, 12’6” beam, 5’ draft, loaded displacement 30,000 lb. They would be suitable for any similar sized vessel including various Colvins designs and Roberts Spray. Total fore and aft area is 846 square feet. Welded aluminum booms, gaffs, saddles and goosenecks to fit these sails are available.

Main: luff 23’4”, leech 33’3”, head 12’8”, foot 18’7”, area 394 sq. ft., sewn reef points at 6’6” and 13’0”. Foresail: luff 21’3”, leech 26’4”, head 10’2”, foot 10’8”, area 223 sq. ft., sewn reef points at 5’0” and 10’0”. Forestaysail: luff 24’4”, leech 21’9”, foot 8’4”, area 91 sq. ft., sewn reef points at 4’0”, jackline. Jib: luff 30’7”, leech 27’8”, foot 11’11”, area 138 sq. ft.

US$3000 Located in Kemptville, Ontario, Canada. Photos and more details plus some other gear for sale at:
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