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Weekender Sailing Island Lake
Last Thursday I took possibly my last sail with Duckie for the year.  I took her up to my usual lake with the intent of having a nice fun sail for maybe the last time this year.  I got what I wanted.  This particular outing had a little of everything.  Sailing away from the landing took some doing because it was into the wind and because of the pot hole the landing is in.  Once I got out into the main part of the lake the wind was pretty reliable and just the right speed.  After a couple tacks the wind started to pick up and with some light gusts that made me adjust for them.  The wind kept building until it was ( I found out later 13 to 15 and gusting to around 20) just right for a weekender. 

It is Autumn now so the lake is kind of cold and the air was in the 40's.  Because of that I wore my dry suit and brought a thermos of coffee.  It turned out that I was too busy for the coffee until I was back on the trailer.  Also because it was cold, I figured I would sail conservatively so as to not take a chance on swimming in an empty cold lake.  I also didn't have anywhere to go, so I took my time with everything.  I left my motor at home for the same reason. 

It took a while to get out the pot hole, but out on the main part of the lake I was able to go sailing.  Duckie handled everything easily and I was enjoying the ride completely.  After a couple tacks the wind and waves made for some great sailing.  I made a couple tacks back and forth across the widest part before the wind started to let up and I decided to head back before I might need to break out the oars.  I got a nice push back to the landing with some of the best speed of the day when a gust picked me up. 

I don't know if I have had a better day on the water.  I took a video of it and posted one part of it to Youtube.  You can find it by doing a search on youtube for Weekender sailing Island Lake.  I would put the link here, but I don't know how to do that yet.  The video is kind of long, but there is a lot happening.  I hope you all enjoy it.


Thanks for the post Al. I liked the video very much.
This is a test to see if I have this link thing right.

great video!!
I took all my videos down from Utube.  I probably won't post any others.  I hope anyone who watched them enjoyed them and found something useful.

Why . . .
It became an annoyance to have them there.

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