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north west messabout
Hey everyone. I live up in southern bc Canada.I am solo envious of you southerners and your messabouts. How manypeople are on here that could make a western Canadian messabout happen. also if that is to much of a long shot is there anyone at all up here. It would be great to meet a sailing buddy with a weekender/vacationer/skipjack or just any homebuilders with a nice little gem they would to take out. I sailed Lal last year and I'm gunskeep it on okanagan  this year.but I am willing to travel some distance. I'd really like to see a bunch of weekender s come crawling it if the wood works and we all cruise okanagan and then have drinks and cook a pig after.or something to that nature
Please tell me that I'm not that alone up here?.
Not alone my friend... I am in Southern BC - Vancouver Area.. I have been planning to build a vacationer.. worked on parts.. and plan to lay keel this summer.. Like alot of boat builders I have been waylaid by moving, and maintaining my existing boats.. But I have finished a few blocks, and the smaller parts over the winter.. making a wheel etc... I hope to have a good part of her started this year, and perhaps be sailing in my new boat next spring!

Keep in touch - it is good to see someone north of the border interested in these crafts as well!

Rock and roll man and  be sure to post lots of pics. I'll message you the next time I'm down south. You do the same if your up this way. We could take each other sailing lol
You bet! There are a couple other guys south of the border, but in the Pac West. Would be cool to have a Pac North West fleet!
Hey Brian. How's things coming along with the vacationer.?

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