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Wow This Place Is Dead
Hello my fellow skipper.

I think its time for an update from everyone.

Polar Dip is finaly getting a new paint, she has not been in the water since summer 2012... :-\
Loking forward to some sailing adventure.

Now your turn....


Badger is still in fine shape.  I need to pull her off the trailer and modify said trailer to better fit a rowboat.  Even so, we've had several outings this spring. 

I did have to reglue the seat risers, as I waited too long after I skinned the inside to epoxy them in place.  Liberal application of a tube of 3M 5200 solved that issue and I'm sure they're not going anywhere soon. 

Perhaps someday I'll get around to working out some floorboards, but the sides are so high that it almost never gets wet in there, save for the sloppiest of rowers. 

Here's a lovely shot from the end of last summer.

And a more recent non-boat project/what-I've-been-doing-since-I-built-that-boat:

[Image: 1384105_10151992535682952_1341067975_n.jpg]
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