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Need Inspiration to fix up my boat
A couple of years out in the weather under a tarp, and my Wing Dinghy needs some patch up work, and a new paint job. When I realized how bad it was getting, I managed to get it into the garage, and I am about to order a "shed" with enough room to keep it in permanently.

The past few years, I have been distracted by a bunch of other things that have kept me from having the time to fix up the boat so that I could go sailing in the time that I also didn't have. But now, a few things are coming together that should let me get back to it. Among them is that my son is now old enough to come sailing with me.

So, do I have any "come sailing with us" invitations to get me motivated to fix up the boat by a particular date? Without a particular date to shoot for, I doubt it will happen this summer.
Well the S.E. Fleet is having a big messabout at Lake Hartwell in GA. It will be June 20-22, and you are definetly invited to join us there. It is on the S.C. GA. boarder. we would love to have You .

If you think you can you can, If you think you can't your right.
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Be nice to see you and your boat again!
Hey Scott - get her fixed up - we'll have a get-together when she is ready!

We (me, Angie and Karl) had a mini-messabout last April out by the Chesapeake - maybe we can do a similar one again this year or you an I can have one on the Potomic in Washington. Lets shoot for the end of May - maybe I'll have my cabin finished by then.

John K.
I had the best of intentions this year, but we had too much else going on. I even got the garage emptied enough to move "Bird Upon the Wind" into the garage for a while. Now the garage is filled with "stuff" from the basement that we had to move while it was getting finished. At least that is basically done, but the boat is back under a tarp for now.

Now I have too much else going on to work on it. Maybe "spring 2009".
OK, so Spring 2009 came and went, I got "expired" from the website here, and the boat is still under a tarp.  OK, so I did get it out, air it out, contemplate the work needed, and get it wrapped back up under a better tarp.  But I am still not sailing.

The "good" news is that I may have some incentive to get it fixed back up.  The Venture Crew that I help with wants to run a sailing outing in September.  That should be enough time for me to fix up the couple of problems that have developed and get it repainted.  Anyway, hey, I am back, sort of.

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